Window breast, decorative lintel, and steel angle replacement

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The window breast is the masonry unit located below the window, while the lintel and steel angle are the units located above the doors and windows.

These units are present in all masonry walls in Montreal. The specialists at Restaure-Action are capable of replacing all types of window breasts and lintels, whether they’re concrete or natural stone, with new ones with the same patterns and materials.

The stagnation of snow and water on the window breasts, combined with the freeze-thaw cycles, is the main cause of the degradation of these parts.

The lifespan of a window breast is closely linked to its exposure to bad weather. A concrete window breast should normally have a lifespan of at least 50 years, while a natural stone window breast should last at least 75 years.

Most decorative concrete lintels installed in masonry walls in Montreal have a lifespan that can vary between 50 and 75 years (depending on their degree of exposure to moisture).

The reinforcing steel in these parts corrodes and swells over the years, which causes the concrete to shatter. Natural stone lintels, meanwhile, are much more durable.

Regular steel angles rust and swell over the years, causing cracks in the ends of the masonry units. These cracks let water seep in and promote the formation of frost boils.

To preserve the integrity of your masonry walls, it’s important not to neglect this aspect and to replace outdated angles with new ones made of galvanized steel.

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