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Masonry and brick chimney repair service

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Masonry and brick chimney repair service

Your chimney is exposed to wind and weather as well as smoke and heat from inside.

Over time, these elements weaken your brick or stone chimney. It is therefore important to maintain it regularly and to make the necessary corrections.

Common problems with a brick chimney

Restaure-Action’s expert masons can easily recognize problems with your chimney. Common problems include :

  • Occurrence of cracks in the masonry
  • Water infiltration
  • Missing or damaged chimney cap
  • Lack of mortar between joints
  • Crumbling of the brick surface

Chimney crown repair

The crown or capping is the upper part of your chimney that prevents water from running down the walls of your chimney, thus reducing the risk of infiltration and water damage. Made of concrete, masonry or metal, the crown is also equipped with a drip edge to keep water away from the chimney.

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