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Restaure-Action’s mission is to provide high-quality and high-safety masonry services in accordance with customer needs and budgets.

The Restaure-Action team has strong expertise in restoration of building envelopes, particularly masonry, and combines a traditional know-how with cutting edge technical innovation as needed.


Transfer of know-how

The know-how is the core of Restaure-Action and a value passed on through generations.

Christian bourassa, president, inherited the family company dating back over 60 years. His grandfather was a mason who transferred his experience and values to his son and grandson. The company has through the years become one of the largest and most well-renowned in the Bois-Francs region. Today, Restaure-Action is located in montreal and provides its services throughout the Montreal area.


One of the core values of the company is integrity, which Christian and the two previous generations of masons have always respected. Honesty is one of their trademarks and has been recognized in the community. It applies to every interaction, every day with every customer and is the way we conduct our relations and work.


Customer respect is another of the core values of Restaure-Action, which means taking into account the needs of the client as well as providing the correct advice throughout the project.

Restaure-Action’s strengths

Our employees

Restaure-Action relies on a skilled and experienced workforce comprised of professionals and craftsmen who take great pride in their work, some of which have over 35 years of experience.

Continuous training

Training and development are important parts of Restaure-Action. Our entire workforce has taken training courses in workplace health and safety, and several of our masons are certified for the use of specialized restoration mortars.

Large fleet of equipment

The company has a large fleet of equipment and an impressive range of tools that is subject to continuous and rigorous preventive maintenance. This allows us to carry out almost any project without the help of external rentals.


At Restaure-Action, protection of our environment is essential. Dust control, recovery of materials and thoughtful travel management are some of the actions included in our sustainability operations.