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Restaure-Action’s mission is to provide high-quality and high-safety architectural and heritage masonry services that are in line with the client’s needs and budget.

Restaure-Action’s team is highly specialized in the restoration of building envelopes, particularly masonry, and combines traditional expertise with cutting-edge technical innovations where appropriate.


Transfer of skills

Expert knowledge is the foundation of Restaure-Action as well as traditional value tied to intangible heritage.

Its president Christian Bourassa has more than 60 years of inherited family expertise. In fact, his grandfather was a mason and conveyed his experience and values on to his son and grandson. As a result, it has become one of the largest and most well-renowned companies in the Bois-Franc region. Restaure-Action’s headquarters are now located in Montreal from which they service the region.


The integrity that Christian’s grandfather and father have always demonstrated is one of the company’s core values. Their honesty is widely recognized in this close-knit industry. It applies to every interaction, every day with every customer and in the execution of their work.


Customer respect is another of Restaure-Action’s core values, which means taking into account the customer’s needs and providing them with recommendations throughout the work process.

Restaure-Action’s strengths

Our employees

Restaure-Action relies on a skilled and experienced workforce comprised of professionals and craftsmen who take pride in their work, some of whom have over 35 years of experience.

Continuous training

Training and development are important at Restaure-Action. Our construction workers have been trained in occupational health and safety and several of our masons are certified in the use of specialized restoration mortars.

Large fleet of equipment

The company owns a vast fleet of equipment and an impressive array of tools that are subject to regular and rigorous preventive maintenance. This allows us to carry out projects without having to resort to outside rentals.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental protection is an essential part of our work at Restaure-Action. Dust control, recovery of materials and thoughtful travel management are some of the actions included in our sustainability operations.

Masonry, a family expertise

Christian Bourassa

President, founder and co-owner of Restaure-Action

For Christian Bourassa, founder and co-owner of Restaure-Action, masonry is a family affair. His parents, and before them his grandfather, made their career in this field. It is them and their passion for this trade that drove Christian to follow in the footsteps of more than 60 years of family expertise.

Developing experience in the field and in the classroom

How can you gain solid experience and expertise in masonry? By learning from the best in the field and by studying the best methods in the classroom. Christian accomplished this by pursuing his engineering studies while working at the construction sites of the family-owned business.

From Labourer to Construction Engineer

In his final years of high school, in 1995, Christian became involved in the family masonry business by helping on construction sites. In the summer of 1997, he obtained his CCQ cards as a labourer. His duties included preparing mortar, erecting scaffolding, and driving the lift truck.

He continued working in the family business while completing his CEGEP education. Through the years and as he learned the trade, he began to take on more responsibilities in the business, including reading blueprints and preparing tenders.

His engineering studies, his internships in the construction field, and his work as an assistant to the project manager in a large masonry restoration company in Montreal allowed him to acquire a unique set of skills. He has worked on large-scale construction sites in a variety of sectors.

A first experience as a company officer

From 2007 to 2011, Christian seized an opportunity to become a partner in a new masonry company in Montreal.

He had the opportunity to work on several projects including:

  • Cobblestones Projects in Old Montreal
  • Restoration of park monuments
  • School Exterior Rehabilitation Projects

As partner, his responsibilities were to:

  • Prepare tenders
  • Perform building condition assessments related to masonry, manage the workforce
  • Manage construction sites.

The business closed in 2011 when the principal owner retired, but Christian embraced the opportunity to start his own business on the strength of the experience he had gained.

Rigorous and continuous training

On top of his years of experience, Christian’s extensive training allows him to efficiently manage masonry projects of various types. First trained as a technician in civil engineering in 2001 at the CEGEP de Trois-Rivières, he pursued his studies at the École de technologie supérieure (ETS) to become a construction engineer in 2005.

Besides teaching him to properly analyze, plan and control the stages of a construction project, his training has enabled him to acquire advanced technical knowledge and skills.

As an engineer, Christian regularly attends training courses to stay up to date. These are among the last ones he attended:

Restaure-Action foundation

In 2012, a strong desire to own his own company with a human dimension led Christian to establish Restaure-Action. His parents, having gained many years of experience in their masonry business in the Mauricie region, joined him in the adventure as partners. Their role is both strategic and advisory.

Specializing in Residential Masonry Projects

In its early days, Restaure-Action was more focused on institutional clients. Over time and with a few years of practice, Christian sought to specialize in the completion of residential projects, unlike many other masonry contractors. These projects are rewarding for him and his team because their completion makes a difference in people’s lives. There are certain constraints involved in working for individuals: carrying out several projects with tight deadlines, logistics and project management challenges, but that is precisely what drives this contractor.

His roles as expert and president of Restaure-Action

As president of Restaure-Action, Christian Bourassa wears many hats, including those of project manager and expert.

Making the right diagnosis

As an engineer and expert in masonry structure, Christian is actively involved in the project from the very beginning regarding:

  • Assessing the situation
  • Finding the causes of the problem
  • Identifying the actions to take
  • Preparing a realistic quote and proposal
  • Managing timelines to meet deadlines
  • Providing continuing communication to the client
  • Carrying out projects quickly and using a turnkey approach.

Managing construction sites

For the construction site manager, effectively managing sites, especially when there can be up to six at the same time, involves:

  • Coordinating team members
  • Delegating tasks to the right people
  • Maintaining liaison with the on-site manager
  • Managing timelines to meet deadlines
  • Providing continuing communication to the client
  • Carrying out projects quickly and using a turnkey approach.

What motivates this entrepreneur on a daily basis?

Despite having been at the helm of his company for several years, Christian often joins his team in the field to assist in the progress of the work and to take the pulse of the situation. Which is why he still has his CCQ occupation cards.

There are several things that give him a sense of accomplishment:

  • Carrying out projects successfully
  • Solving technical challenges and resolving delicate situations
  • Finding solutions together with his team
  • Being present in the field and supporting his employees
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.